About Us

What does "Uttardayi" mean?
This beautiful Hindi word aptly explains the need of the hour!

That's what we stand for! "Uttardayi" is all about loving the Earth back. The aim of the brand "Uttardayi" is to create and offer sustainable products that reduce our ecological footprint and help buyers to adopt greener or more responsible lifestyles. 

Our products are proudly Indian- most of them handmade. They are either manufactured from sustainable materials or ethically sourced from local and rural artisans to support livelihoods.

Our Logo

Our Logo is combination of all the love we have for the Earth depicted by the 'Heart' which also forms the "Oo" in "Uttardayi" and our love for the Indian roots depicted by "Devanagri" script. We picked the bright Green & Blue colours from the Forests & the Oceans.

How do we give back?

As a responsible business, we commit a part of our profits for social good precisely to build sustainable livelihoods for the community.

How we Package our Products?

At Uttardayi, we strictly follow a policy of "Minimalism" to package our products.

All our products carry minimal packaging made from recycled or recyclable materials. We try hard to ship our products Plastic-Free like using 

 upcycled or post-consumer boxes for shipping. At times our courier partners require that we use some amount of plastics to protect your shipments! We are on it to find a way out soon!